Isn’t it illegal to wear a mask and carry a gun?

Short answer is no, not generally in AZ.

Here in AZ, there is no law on the matter.

It is an aggravating factor to wear a mask or disguise to conceal ones identity while committing a crime. (ARS 13-701). Possessing a firearm is also an aggravating factor, so it’s advisable to not commit crimes while carrying a gun or wearing a mask, and especially not both. I believe we as law abiding gun owners don’t have a huge conflict with this.

Illinois does have a law on the matter. Which is what the original meme was about. Some other states have laws on the matter as well.

I would argue though that even if it was illegal and someone was charged with the crime of wearing a mask while carrying a gun, that the Necessity Defense (ARS 13-417) would apply as they are simply trying to comply with the mask rules with no intent to conceal ones identity while committing a crime.

To sum it up, unless one is planning on committing a crime, they shouldn’t have any issues carrying a gun and “being safe” by wearing a mask.

For more information about Masks in AZ, whether the orders are lawful and enforceable, and about businesses and their requirements, check out this podcast from Garret Lewis talking to Attorney Howard Dworman of Attorneys for Freedom about the recent Mask Mandates.

*This is provided as a Legal Information Resource and should not be treated as legal advice.