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Dynamic Combative Solutions is an all in one self-defense school for students and Instructors. We specialize in all manners of self-defense education. DCS has recruited and trained Instructors who specialize in hand to hand combatives, Knife Techniques, Baton, Civilian Tasers, Pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Whether you are looking for self-defense options or you’re required by your employer to be more proficient with your tools, our mission is to provide lifesaving education, training and skills to the general public and professional’s alike. We want you to be better prepared to defend yourself or others in a life-threatening situation while acting within both State and Federal laws.

 We pride ourselves on knowing a multitude of ways to accomplish tasks so that our students will be more successful at achieving their goals. We not only teach our own classes but work in partnership with reputable leaders from around the country to host their classes as well. We want to provide you with the very best training possible using the latest techniques that makes education fun and enjoyable while still being safe and accurate.

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Henry Calantog PHX, AZ

A good instructor can teach fundamentals….a great instructor can take those fundamental and teach the student how to make them habitual….after taking your class my last several range sessions have been directed and gratifying…I haven’t done a clean run of your precision Pistol target yet, but I get closer every time…thank you!!

Steven Drollinger Chandler, AZ

Great team of instructors! almost every one of them, took time to watch me, and either give encouragement, and or suggestions to improve. plenty of challenges, but they kept it fun!

Bob Lachniet Tempe, az

DCS is the training solution I’ve been looking for! Exceptional instructors and great course curriculum’s with Dave Laird at the helm.


BIOGRAPHY- David Laird, was born in Texas and raised in Arizona.

David’s father introduced him to firearms at the young age of 6, which marked the beginning of his enthusiastic obsession with firearms.

Military service was part of the Laird family legacy so naturally; when David turned 18 he joined the U.S. Army. While in the Army he served with the 82nd Airborne Division as a heavy weapons squad leader in the Infantry. Upon leaving the Army David returned home to manage an auto repair facility for several years. Not wanting to miss out on any of the action, in 2007 David went back to Iraq as a civilian contractor to fulfill his patriotic duty.

Upon his return he transitioned back to the automotive industry working as a full-time heavy line technician and volunteering with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Operations Posse in his off time. He is an NRA Carry Guard Basic Instructor and has been an NRA Certified Counselor in: Pistol, HFS, PPITH, PPOTH, Advanced Pistol, refuse to be a victim, RSO, CRSO, Rifle, Shotgun and Metallic Cartridge reloading. He is a Certified ASP Instructor for Batons, Handcuffs and Flashlights. He is certified by the Arizona Department of Public Safety to train Armed Security Guards. He has worked with T.A.S.E.R. International to help develop their first ever, Civilian Certified Instructor Program using specifically the new PULSE model.

David Helped build a very successful training organization that managed 3 facilities and employed over 20 instructors teaching more than 30 classes per week, training over 5000 students per year for over 6 years before he left in early 2019 to start his own business.

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We are proud to introduce Instructor Gary Hummel. He was born in Germany, the son of an Air Force fighter pilot. He was raised all over the United States during his school years.
His father being a career military officer, often spoke of the satisfaction he had being a part of the armed forces and encouraged his children to follow their dreams. As his grandparents owned a ranch, Gary had the opportunity to handle firearms at an early age.
Upon graduating high school, he found a proving ground for himself in the Marine Corps. After four years of USMC law enforcement and small arms instruction, he returned to civilian life but stayed active with his participation in the Army National Guard as a military policeman. His civilian life included time as nuclear security armed response member for a nuclear power plant. Later he found a career in law enforcement for the State of California. A natural avenue of security progression came for Gary when the world embraced computers, so he specialized in information security before completing his career with California.
His life time pursuit of firearms familiarization has resulted in several NRA certifications (pistol, rifle, PPIH, RSO, etc.) as well as a satisfying position involved in the world of firearms instruction in Arizona at Dynamic Combative Solutions LLC.
He remains active in this field with training from various firearms organizations as well as coordinating groups to attend training at firearm training locations.

We are proud to introduce Instructor Matt Misino. He is a retired LE veteran with 23 years of service in AZ. Matt spent 14 years as a patrol Sgt. and 18 years as an AZPOST certified firearms instructor teaching pistol, shotgun and patrol carbine fundamentals and advanced tactics. He is also a certified armorer for Glock Pistols and Colt 1911 pistols and AR15 rifles. Matt is an avid competitive shooter who spends at least 3 days a week on a range somewhere in AZ burning through roughly 900 to 1200 rounds a month preparing for on average 5-7 matches. Matt’s favorite pass time is casting his own bullets and loading his own ammunition for competition. In 2016 Matt and his wife shot over 24,000 rounds. Matt is a huge asset to us here and to you for his extensive experience with the LAW and comprehensive background in reloading and competitive shooting. Matt is known by professionals in the industry as a subject matter expert in many categories and we are truly blessed to have him.



Former S.W.A.T. Sniper and resident Badass

Tim “Kash” Kashino is DCS’s resident expert with edged and impact tools. He is a certified ASP Tactical Weapons instructor and has taught Filipino martial arts for 29 years. Tim is also a 22-year Military Police veteran whose assignments included anti-terrorism/force protection,law and order operations, maritime security, executive protection details and tactical combatives trainer. Tim is also a certified Glock Armorer, certified Glock Pistol Instructor and a certified NRA instructor with endorsements for Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Home Firearms Safety, Personal Protection in the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home and Chief Range Safety Officer.

Despite numerous accolades and a broad base of knowledge, he insists that he is “just a guy that knows a few things.” In April of 2010, Grandmaster Vicente Sanchez of Marikina City, Philippines declared Tim the grand master of the Cadenilla Eskrima Group (an organization founded by Tim in 2006). Tim does not see this declaration as a crowning achievement or some kind of elevation in status. Rather, he sees it as an honor that he will spend the rest of his life earning.

Most recently, Tim has been selected for induction into the Modern Arnis Hall of Fame at a ceremony set for June of 2017 in Philadelphia.

Mike brings a passion for teaching personal defense and tactics to his students and presents it in a straight forward and easy to understand format. He is a lifelong student of the gun excelling in a variety of platforms but with a passion for long distance precision shooting. His interest in firearms came early in life, despite being in a household unfriendly to firearms, by way of summer camps that encouraged marksmanship skills development. These summer retreats allowed Mike to gain an appreciation for firearms and marksmanship that set-in motion a path to the military and law enforcement. With over 20 years spent involved with providing advanced technology and hardware in support of our national security, NAS and Department of Defense initiatives for tactical reconnaissance and battle damage assessment, Mike is able to explain highly complex tactics and learning concepts with an ease that most veteran instructors appreciate.

Mike has extensive training on many weapon systems from his years in the United States Navy and as a military contractor overseas and at home. He volunteered with Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office for about a decade where he spent his time on warrant team and as a General and Firearms Instructor/ Range Safety Officer, carrying multiple certifications to instruct for judgmental use of force, weapon inspector, defensive tactics, weapon retention, mechanical restraints, chemical agents and numerous other AZPOST courses for the office. Mike is also a certified Taser® instructor for both initial and rectification courses and maintains certifications from the National Rifle Association for Basic Pistol, Firearms Safety, and Range Safety Officer. Mike has conducted countless hours of training for active shooter and force on force training scenarios with handgun, shotgun, rifle, and Taser®. Mike is also both Arizona and Nationally certified as an EMT and can provide emergency range medical treatment if ever needed.

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Jose Gomez del Castillo was born in Sonora, Mexico. At the tender age of 8 years old during a weekend camping trip in the banks of the Rio Yaqui, in the Sierra Madre Mountains he shot a gun for the first time in his life. Since then he hasn’t stop shooting and learning about firearms. On his 18th birthday he enlisted in the Mexican Army with the Primera Brigada de Fusileros Paracaidistas (First Paratrooper Brigade) Years later he came to the United States and graduated with a Masters in International Law from University of Arizona. Right after graduation, he was recruited by a federal law enforcement agency where he was able to use his Spanish language skills and legal background to help in the monitoring, investigation, detention, interrogation, and prosecution of members of Criminal gang organizations also known as “cartels” involved primarily in illicit drug trafficking and other crimes such as human smuggling and human trafficking along the US-Mexican border.

After leaving the federal government he went to work in the legal department of a nationwide bank in the Fraud and Legal Compliance Division dealing primarily with money laundry and financial crimes. Most recently, Jose is an Ad council attorney working on his own as a solo practitioner specializing in foreign transactions, trusts and bankruptcy.

He joined David Laird in December of 2015 as a firearms instructor. He loves to teach others about firearms and empowering the common citizen in the proper use of firearms. He never has stopped learning about firearms and the latest tactics in self-defense and legal issues pertaining firearms. One of his favorite mottos is: “You should always try to be the best in what you do, but never consider yourself to be the best. Always challenge yourself to be the best, you can always be better.”

He is happily married to the love of his life, Ana and lives in Ahwatukee-Foothills.

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Clayton Wilcox was born and raised in Ohio. 

Clayton was introduced to shooting by his stepfather initialing using a Daisy Red Ryder BB rifle in the backyard.  He then progressed to a Marlin .22 rifle and a Henry Richardson 9 shot .22 revolver.  His passion for shooting grew through his teenage years, to include his obtaining both of the Boy Scouts’ rifle and shotgun merit badges while at Summer Camp.  He later returned to the camp and assisted with the programs during high school.


In the fall of 2002, Clayton completed the Ohio Police Academy and later began his career in Law Enforcement, serving his local communities.  During his career in Law Enforcement, he furthered his passion for shooting and teaching by earning his General Instructor, Police Rifle Instructor, Taser Instructor, Oleoresin Capsicum Instructor, and various other instructor certifications.


The summer of 2007, Clayton moved to the Phoenix area and continued working as a Police Officer.  During his tenure, he has worked as a Patrol Officer, Emergency Response Team member, Motor Officer and a K-9 Officer.  He has continued his passion for shooting by earning various National Rifle Association of America (NRA) instructor certifications and law enforcement firearms instructor certifications.


Clayton continues to train officers and citizens in various disciplines; to enable the individual to prepare for, avoid, and/or defend their lives or the lives of their loved ones if faced with an aggressor looking to cause harm. 


Clayton has the following instructor certifications:

  • Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training (AzPOST) Pistol and Shotgun
  • AzPOST Rifle
  • Approved – Arizona Department of Public Safety Law Enforcement Officer Safety Officer Act (LEOSA) Qualification
  • NRA Basic Pistol
  • NRA Basic Rifle
  • NRA Range Safety Officer
  • NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home
  • NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home
  • NRA Refuse to be a Victim
  • NRA Metallic Cartridge Reloading
  • ASP Baton, Flashlight, and Restraints

DCS requires extensive experience and background with training in self-defense and firearms. We require a proven track record of actual experience as well as volunteer time to observe your abilities with our students and our brand. For further details please contact us.