Private Instruction/ Corporate events

Business/Church/School Threat Assessment

Are you a business owner curious about your company’s level of personal protection?  DCS understands the complexities of running a business and the importance of keeping the company, customers, and staff safe.  Our team of professionals have extensive experience working in law enforcement, military, private security, building/business security, and information technology.  DSC will come to you and conduct a security assessment and offer feedback to assist you achieve enhanced security, safety, and peace of mind.  Pricing based on the specific needs assessed.  Contact us today for more details.


Host a Course

Would you like to have the DCS team come to you?  DSC will travel to you for corporate events, team building workshops, self-defense seminars, with many more classes to choose from.  If you have a place to host, DSC will come to your home, office, or range with our mobile training classroom to offer a wide variety of specialty classes.  Our staff is comprised of instructors who specialize in each area of training we provide.  Pricing based on location and student count.  Contact us today for details. 

Private Security Training

There’s more to security than just target practice, although we love that too!  In order to have an effective security team, the team must understand the unique needs of the location and the tasks involved with keeping the location safe.  DSC specializes in the training required to take your security team to the next level.  These tasks include customer service, how to write an effective report, how to interact with law enforcement, proper radio procedures, team tactics, and many more.   Contact us today and let us help you take your security team to the next level. 

Private Instruction

Looking for private instruction to help fine-tune your skill set?  Or are you interested in learning a specific skill with one-on-one attention?  If so, DSC private instruction is for you.  We believe the class setting is great for learning and ongoing training, however we understand the importance of private attention for student development and improvement.  We have male and female instructors available that specialize in each class we offer.  Contact us today and let us help you achieve your goals.