Silver Membership


This special opportunity is being offered by client request and is available only to the first 10 to sign up (a total of 20 participants in the membership program). As the lead instructor and owner of DCS, it is my intention that this be an exclusive and personalized experience for those participating.

    ·      One seat in 12 regularly scheduled DCS classes.
    ·      One seat in 12 Member exclusive classes.*
    .      2 $50.00 Class vouchers to give to friends
    ·       A more personalized training experience, complete with training and self-defense tips and insider information.
    ·      And more . . . Stay tuned for more perks as part of this membership program, including additional customized training opportunities, after membership closes.

Availability: 10 in stock

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*Exclusive Member classes include
·      Gun Cleaning and maintenance January
·      Taser February
·      Pepper spray (Palm) March
·      Baton (impact weapons training) April
·      Hand to hand (open hand Defensive Training) May
·      Weapons retention July
·      Stop the bleed (first aid or IFAK Included) June
·      Image based Decision Drills September
·      Vehicle Defense October
·      Scenario based Training x2 November and December
Member classes will be run twice monthly to limit capacity to 10 per class.
Dates and location will also be determined once we have students registered as to offer them at the most convenient time and place.
* The 2021 calendar is in progress as we speak and at least one of every class will be offered this year. So, don’t worry.
*This Special offer is for regularly scheduled DCS Classes only and Excludes all NRA, IDS, and Guest courses.
*Memberships are non-transferable and cannot be used for individuals other than the original purchaser/purchasers.
*Memberships are non-refundable.
*Some regularly scheduled classes may have to be cancelled or rescheduled for unforeseen reasons. Note: This is not typical, as we make every effort to hold our courses, rain, shine, wind or whatever else comes our way. In the past year, we have cancelled two (2) out of 320 courses scheduled: the range double booked, and the other was due to an active forest fire.