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DCS is about developing our students and not our ego’s. We believe that training with other instructors helps teach you more skills, while reinforcing other skills that you may have learned from us. Our instructors are required to train annually with some of the best, like minded instructors in the country. This not only helps us improve our skills, but also allows us to help you prepare for these courses to get the most out of them when you attend. Classes vary by the instructor and the specific course and often provide a new way of learning. You can rest assure that our recommendation means these top rated nationally recognized instructors share in our beliefs of putting the student first.

Advanced Cover Pistol
(2 Days, 800 Rounds)
This “stand alone” course is a good choice for the person who has just received their CPL/CCW permit and wants to take their preparedness to the next level or the person who carries a gun regularly (armed citizen/off-duty cop) concealed and needs to enhance their personal security skills. That said, it is NOT A BASIC CCW COURSE! In many states, the basic CCW certification course is about safety while this course is about FIGHTING with a pistol. The course covers equipment selection, concealment locations, proper weapon selection, lifestyle commitments, wound ballistics, combative mindset, garment removal techniques and “running” a combative handgun. The live fire segment covers the essentials of combative pistolcraft, the combative pistol draw, movement, seated shooting and other related techniques. The course is designed to make you rethink your covert strategies.


Upcoming Guest Courses

Jan 18

Dave Spaulding Covert Pistol

January 18, 2020 @ 8:00 amJanuary 19, 2020 @ 5:00 pm

Haley Strategic Training

Because DCS values good training. We encourage you to seek training from the very best. Haley Strategic with out a doubt is one of the best courses you can attend. Since they’re local to AZ you should have no trouble finding one that is convenient. Having been through nearly everything they have to offer we can say it is one of the most valuable on the market. Click the link below to find a course near you.